Rules Of Conduct

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Rules Of Conduct

Post by LuccaWulf on Tue Sep 12, 2017 8:02 pm

Section 1. Terms

-1.1. Each player is defined by data and is therefore referred to as a client, rather than player.
-1.2. A kick is a penalty that ejects a client from a service.
-1.3. A ban is a penalty that ejects a client from a service and forces an inability of service usage for a specified time.

Section 2. General notices

-2.1. The time of a ban depends on the violation and previous violations.
-2.2. Each client has the right to appeal.
-2.3. Incitement of breach of Rules of Conduct is not allowed.

Section 3. Prosecution

Section 3.1. Standard procedure

-The client will be informed of a violation of Rules of Conduct. The client will be informed that continuation may result in an inability of service usage.
-The client will be officially warned. The client’s data may be stored in this process.
-The client will be subject to a sanction.
-3.2. The standard procedure may not apply to major violations, repeated violations, and non-instant prosecution.

Section 4. General rules regarding communication

-4.1. Any form of offensive and/or inappropriate behavior (including racism, homophobia, sexism, provocation, denigration, swearing, foul language, threatening, defamation, and harassment) is not allowed.
-4.2. Sharing unapproved third party software (e.g. hacks) is not allowed.
-4.3. Providing and/or sharing knowledge regarding unapproved third party software (e.g. hacks) is not allowed.
-4.4. The act of flooding (spamming) is not allowed.

Section 5. General rules regarding identity

-5.1. Impersonation of clients, administrators or moderators is not allowed.
-5.2. Masking identity is not allowed.

Section 6. General rules regarding gameplay

-6.1. The use of unapproved third party software (e.g. hacks) is not allowed.
-6.2. Unintended use of game mechanics (e.g. exploiting/glitching) is not allowed.
-6.3. Any form of disruptive gameplay is not allowed.

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